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Soulful Keyboard Wizardry

Introducing, Tickets For Tokyo, the latest in soulful keyboard wizardry by Special Agent Ed.

Experience first hand the brilliant polyrhythmic union of blues, jazz, latin, and electronic music found on Tickets For Tokyo!

Slow burn dance grooves. It'll make you want to explode onto the dance floor with its slow-burn dance grooves or relax yourself to sleep with its tranquil chill-outtracks.

One thing's for sure, Tickets For Tokyo is an enjoyable listening experience. It shows you what can be tastefully achieved by acoustic pianosynthesizers,  and drum machine.

Subtle Background Music 

The album works great as subtle background music in a restaurantbar, office, and your next house party.

It provides a pleasant driving experience and its a great soundtrack to cook your next meal to.

Don't hesitate, pick up your copy of Tickets For Tokyo today!



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"Tickets for Tokyo" by Special Agent Ed
Released February 12, 2008

Liquid Evergreen Productions


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